The Library at UEC is an outstanding learning resource center with nearly 2000 sqft. catering to information requirements of its users. The library has more than 5000 volumes of text books and over 40 journals/magazines and access to over 275 e-journals. It is using state-of-the-art Digital library technology in organizing and providing access to information through eShelf library software.

ESHELF-Digital Library

eShelf Digital Library is a software platform that incorporates Digital Contents & its Management System that helps create , categorize , index , search , retrieve and share various forms of digital contents in audio/video/text formats.

Digital Library System is used for preserving digital assets like Books, Journals, Magazines, Articles, Project Reports, Question Papers, Research Papers, Courseware, News, Directory, Exam Schedule, Syllabus, Thesis and Seminar Notes of an institution in multimedia format that includes Text, Graphics, Animation, Video, Audio and Images, all under a single platform than in the disparate fashion that is prevalent today.

Digital library Readers can search the different collections available in digitalised format.

Reference Services – a separate section is maintained for reference . Costly and multiple copy books are available in this section.

Reprographic Services – reprographic facility is available in the library. Users can take the photocopies of the reference books and journals from this section.

The faculty, students& research scholars can access online and offline electronic resources. Being a member of AICTE INDEST Consortium, the Central Library provides online access to IEEE/IEL. This facility is also available in the library.

Library Rules

Make appropriate entries in the entry & exit register as and when you enter and leave the library.

Produce your ldentity Card to the librarian/library staff as and when you enter the library. No student will be admitted without producing ldentity Card issued from College.

Guidance of the library staff may be sought to trace a book or utilize computer search.

Books are issued from the circulation section for a period of 20 days to B.Tech students against the Library card issued. They can renew the books two times without bringing them to the library before the due date, if the book is not reserved by other users.The reserved book will not be renewed. Fine @Rs. L/= per day will be collected from defaulters. The penal cost of irrecoverably lost book is 3 to 6 times more than the actual cost of the book, subject to the date of publication.

lf a book of your choice is seen issued from the circulation section, the same can be reserved.

B.Tech students can borrow up to 3 books from the library in any working day. But before returning the Book, they should keep the book for three days in their custody.

No books or periodicals will be issued from the reference section.

Do not replace the book in the rack/almirah after your use. Keep it on the table.

Strict silence is to be maintained inside the library.

Mobile phones are not allowed inside the library.


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